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Dr. Zain Remy: The Dental Pod is an effective and convenient way to clean your snore guard and you don’t need to worry about damaging the device. I recommend that patients clean your snore guard daily using the Dental Pod.

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Dr. Remy, what experience do you have with snore guards?

As a dentist, I have the privilege of helping numerous patients on their journey to better oral health. During consultations, I often encounter individuals seeking relief from snoring issues, and I understand the importance of addressing their concerns comprehensively. In addition to discussing the benefits of snore guards. Through open communication and thorough advice, I strive to equip each patient with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve lasting oral hygiene and an improved quality of life.

I emphasise the essential practices of regular brushing and flossing, as well as the significance of scheduling routine dental check-ups. I educate my patients about the potential impact of snoring on their oral health and overall well-being, highlighting the connection between snoring and conditions like sleep apnea and gum disease.

By taking a holistic approach, I empower my patients to not only enjoy the benefits of snore guards for a peaceful night's sleep but also to embrace a proactive stance towards their oral health. 


Do I really need to clean my snore guard?

Regularly cleaning your snore guard is vital for oral health and the devices effectiveness. This prevents bacterial growth, odours, and maintains durability, comfort, and fit. It also supports overall oral hygiene, reducing gum disease and tooth decay risk.

I always recommend cleaning your snore guard daily.


What are ultrasonic snore guard cleaners?

The Dental Pod is an ultrasonic snore guard cleaner.

This device uses ultrasonic waves to gently and thoroughly clean your snore guard. When used in conjunction with a sterilising tablet, the combination of physical and chemical cleaning ensures your snore guard is left fresh and free from bacteria.   

Is an ultrasonic snore guard cleaner necessary?

Microscope studies have revealed that brushing and traditional methods often can't effectively eliminate microorganisms and debris from oral appliances. These particles cling to the rough surfaces of your snore guard, which are challenging to clean conventionally. The Dental pod excels at deep cleaning these tough-to-reach areas.


Do ultrasonic snore guard cleaners actually work?

The Dental Pod is endorsed by the British Dental Journal for convenient deep cleaning of oral appliances.

Furthermore the Dental Pod appeared in a recent GQ article entitled 'How to Do Invisalign Right.' 

Hundreds of dentists around the country (myself included) recommend the Dental Pod to their patients. Its unparalleled effectiveness and ease of use make it an easy choice for anyone who regularly uses a snore guard. 


Will ultrasonic cleaners damage my snore guard?

Using an ultrasonic cleaner won't cause significant damage to your snore guard over time. Any wear is minor and randomly spread. To minimise wear, consider cleaning your snore guard individually to avoid rubbing.


Will the temperature of the water in an ultrasonic cleaner damage my snore guard?

Elevated temperatures can distort snore guard plastics. For the Dental Pod, you only need room-temperature water to clean your snore guard. As a result, you should expect no damage.

Furthermore, the Dental Pod is equipped with an industry leading heat regulation system. This prevents the ultrasonic inducer from heating the water above 37 degrees celsius, which is the average temperature of a human mouth. 


How do ultrasonic snore guard cleaners clean my snore guard?

The Dental Pod uses high-frequency 42,000Hz ultrasonic waves to vibrate a water bath. These vibrations cause microscopic bubbles to form in the cleaning solution. Under the water pressure, these bubbles implode releasing energy that scores dirt and grime from your snore guard. 

    In the Dental Pod, this bubble action ('cavitation') happens around 4000 times per second, thoroughly cleaning all parts of your snore guard, including those hard to reach areas. 


    Is it easy to clean my snore guard with an ultrasonic cleaner? 

    There are only 4 simple steps to clean your snore guard with the Dental Pod:

    1)  Fill the Dental Pod with water and add a sterilising tablet

    Fill the Dental Pod with room temperature water and plug it into a wall socket.
    Drop in a sterilising tablet to increase the cleaning effect. 

    2)  Place your snore guard in the water

    Drop your snore guard into the Dental Pod's tank.
    Your snore guard must be fully submerged in the solution to receive the full effects of ultrasonic cleaning.

    3)  Turn on the Dental Pod

    Put on the lid, turn the machine on and let it run for 5 minutes.
    Studies have shown that 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time to leave your snore guard in the cleaner.

    4)  Retrieve your clean snore guard from the Dental Pod

    Remove your freshly cleaned snore guard and rinse with water


    I hope that youre now more confident about taking care of your snore guard. If you need more advice, please dont hesitate to contact Zima Dental customer support at

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