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Conventional techniques for cleaning oral appliances are ineffective at eliminating bacteria and residue that pose a threat to your oral health. 

This clinical study demonstrated that the number of microorganisms removed by rinsing with water or soaking in a cleaning solution is significantly lower to those eliminated by the Dental Pod's cleaning protocol.

This superior cleaning capability can drastically decrease the chances of oral infections and diseases, which are often caused by these lingering microorganisms. Given the critical role oral hygiene plays in our overall health, investing in a Dental Pod is a simple, efficient way to enhance your wellbeing.

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How does the Dental Pod Work?

The Dental Pod by Zima Dental is an ultrasonic cleaner that works by the process of cavitation.

Cavitation occurs when an ultrasonic inducer generates high-frequency sound waves that produce microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. Positive pressure causes these bubbles to implode, creating shock waves that gently dislodge particles and bacteria from oral appliances.

Importantly, this process takes place roughly 4,000 times a second, ensuring all surfaces on your oral appliance receive a thorough clean. 


How do you use a Dental Pod?

The Dental Pod provides a quick and easy solution to cleaning your oral appliances with 4 simple steps:

1. Start by plugging your Dental Pod into a wall socket and filling the pod with water

2. Place your oral appliance in the pod, ensuring it is fully submerged and press the power button

3. Secure the lid and wait 5 minutes while your appliance is cleaned

4. Remove your freshly cleaned oral appliance and rinse with water


What can you use a Dental Pod for?

The Dental Pod can be used to clean a variety of oral appliances, making them a valuable utility for good oral hygiene. Here are some of the dental appliances that can be cleaned using the Dental pod:

Invisalign Aligners: Clear aligners like those from Invisalign can be cleaned in a Dental Pod, provided you don't use harsh chemicals that can cloud the plastic. We suggest using Zima Dental's sterilising tablets which are specifically engineered for oral appliances. 

Retainers: Whether it's a Hawley retainer with wires and acrylic, or a clear Essix retainer, the Dental Pod can be an excellent tool to remove the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

Mouthguards: This includes sports guards, snore & sleep apnea guards, night guards for bruxism (teeth grinding), and other types of mouthguards.

Dentures: The Dental Pod can effectively clean dentures by removing food particles, bacteria, and other debris from hard-to-reach areas.


Why should you buy Zima Dental Pods?

As the original ultrasonic cleaner for dental appliances, the Dental Pod has been through rigorous testing and hundreds of design iterations. This gives the Dental Pod a number unique features that make it an industry leading product: 

The Dental Pod is equipped with a dynamic feedback feature that allows the unit to adjust the ultrasonic wave frequency based on the water level and contents of the pod. This ensures that cavitation occurs at an optimal level, giving your oral appliances the best clean achievable. 

The Dental Pod is equipped with an innovative heat regulation system prevents the ultrasonic inducer from heating water above 37 degrees celsius. Since this is the average temperature of a human mouth, your oral appliances are kept safe from damage caused by excessive heat.  

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